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Color and Coatings

Considerations that go into creating a color match for your coating

This isn't your local hardware store. Virtually any color can be achieved in a coating, but there are requirements to be considered which impact each and every formulation.

When a color match for a coating is done, the first step is to advise the target color by using a standard color system such as Pantone or RAL. Then the parameters need to be defined, such as, is it for an interior or exterior application; will it come in contact with direct flame; and what are the performance requirements?

Once the important details are discussed with your coating supplier, the first things they consider are the regulatory requirements, such as FDA, Prop 65 and EU compliance. These requirements determine which pigments and ingredients can be used, as only food-contact safe pigments and ingredients can be used.

Metamerism - the impact different light sources have on the visual appearance of a color - is an important consideration as well.

For a housewares coating, in addition to the performance and regulatory challenges, there are application considerations as well. The coating must be heat resistant, the color must be achieved in a relatively thin film, and it has to be able to be sprayed with good viscosity. And finally the target cost is weighed into the equation.

Working with a reputable coating manufacturer, providing all requirements and being aware of the impacting factors, will help you get the best coating for your project including the desired color.


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