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Liquid Measuring Utensils


Liquid Measuring Utensils

Household liquid measures are intended for the noncommercial measurement of liquid ingredients used in preparing foods and shall have a pouring lip.


The capacities of liquid measures shall be one quart (32 fluid ounces, four cups), one pint (16 fluid ounces, two cups), or one half pint (8 fluid ounces, one cup). The capacity mark shall be near the top of the measure but sufficiently below the pouring lip to allow normal use of the container without spilling. The lip shall be so designed as to permit the measure to be filled with liquid to the capacity mark while the measure is standing on a level surface.

Graduations and Markings

The capacity of each measure shall be identified in cup(s) and fluid ounces. Liquid pint(s) may be included. Subdivison of l cup shall include only 3/4 cup, 2/3 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup and 1/4 cup. The word "cup" need appear only once. Where graduations indicating both 1/3 and 1/4 cup subdivisions are used, the horizontal marks defining thirds shall be on the opposite side of a vertical line from the marks defining fourths of a cup. Subdivision by fluid ounces may be included and should be marked so as to avoid confusion with cup and fractional-cup markings. Markings on all liquid measure shall be durable and distinct. The value of all markings defining full capacity and fractional graduations shall be shown and shall be no less than 3/4 inches (2 cm) in length. Where graduations and markings in metric units appear in addition to the customary units, they shall be displayed in such a manner as to avoid confusion between the two systems.


The tolerances to be allowed in excess or deficiency on customary household measures shall be ± 5% of the designated capacity of all graduations.


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