Why have sol-gel coatings gained acceptance in the market?

These new coatings provided a new look for cookware, with white and light colors, high gloss and the ability to withstand higher temperatures than conventional coatings. The media attention given to the EPA’s concern about PFOA also presented a marketing opportunity for coatings that did not contain PFOA and PTFE, principally sol-gel coatings.

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Sol-Gel Ceramic Coatings

What are the best cooking tips for sol-gel "ceramic" coatings?

  • Use the lowest cooking temperature to get the job done.
  • Do not let foods get burned; carbonization will be difficult to remove.
  • Sol-gel ceramics brown and sear much faster than nonsticks and at lower temperatures; be sure to adjust your cooking times and temperatures accordingly.
  • Sol-gel ceramic coatings cook differently from conventional nonsticks; experiment and conduct some of your own tests.
  • Use wood or plastic utensils when cooking and or cleaning.


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